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DEAI + The Role of Museums • Activate + Maintain DEAI Within Your Institution

How to Talk About Race + Racial Identity • Sample Diversity + Inclusion Statements

Readiness Assessments • How to Measure Your Museum's Social Impact

Webinars • DEAI Reading Material

WMA approaches Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) as a process that must be committed to and regularly reaffirmed. Rather than diversity being a box to be checked, we view D&I as the constant examining and questioning of the makeup of our group to ensure that multiple perspectives are represented, and that there is a sense of inclusion amongst members, staff, and board.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement – Western Museums Association (WMA)

Here, we offer support through the sharing of trusted, valuable, and educational resources to help museums address and reaffirm their commitment to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI), and to develop concrete action plans for moving forward.​


DEAI + the Role of Museums


Activate + Maintain DEAI Within Your Institution


How to Talk About Race + Identity in the Workplace


Sample DEAI Statements


Readiness Assessments


How to Measure Your Museum's Social Impact


DEAI Reading Material


Webinars on the Topic of DEAI



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