The Top 20 WestMuse Blog Articles of 2020

As the difficult, uncertain 2020 year comes to an end, and the dust (hopefully) begins to settle, we decided to take a look back on the multitude of topics we’ve covered and the many conversations we’ve had across the WestMuse Blog.

From professional development, to community engagement, to lists of virtual holiday festivities and everything in between, we’ve written on numerous topics throughout the year. And although some were written months ago, who knows, there still might be something useful to be found.

For those who have missed an article or two, or for those who simply just want a recap, below, we’ve rounded up our favorite and most popular 20 blog posts of 2020.

We hope you enjoy looking through these just as much as we have.


Top 20 WestMuse Blog Articles of 2020


1. Out-of-the-Box Programming: Museums Earn Income During COVID-19

2. Community Engagement During COVID-19 | Resources & Industry Examples

3. Bring On the Fun this Fall: WMA's Virtual Activity Guide

4. Put the “Me” Back in Merry: Self-Care During This Holiday Season

5. Socializing 2020 | Virtual Activities to Enjoy with Friends & Family


SM_Best_Practices_Post-01.jpg6. Museum Professionals: How to Navigate the Job Search Process During COVID-19

7. A New Month – Time for Some Introspection and Self-Care Magic

8. WMA’s Social Media Best Practices: Help Your Brand During COVID-19

9. Museum Leaders: Sustaining Staff Engagement & Productivity During COVID-19

10. Moving Forward with Your Career Goals This Fall


Museum Inspired Recipies (1).jpg11. Cooking at Home: Museum Inspired Recipes

12. How Your Institutional Core Values Can Guide Your Response to Covid-19 - Five Oaks Museum

13. DIY Museum-Inspired Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls

14. Calling All Educators! Museums of the West Get Creative with Online Educational Resources & Programming

15. Museums & the “New” Visitor Experience


Western_Museum_Edu_Blog_Post.jpg16. Museum Shops: It's a Good Time to Round-Up

17. Mission Statements as a Platform for Change

18. Time to Turn On & Tune In: 12 Podcasts to Help You Get Through 2020

19. What’s on Your Pandemic Reading List?

20. Museum Leader Resources: Staff Morale, Stress, and Communication in the COVID Era



Written by Jessica Noyes, Communications Coordinator, WMA



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