Sins of the City: Vancouver Police Museum

It ain't no sin if you crack a few laws now and then, just so long as you don't break any.” - Mae West (Sins Tweetup on Thursday!)

by Chris Mathieson


Learn about vice in the early days of Vancouver by participating in the Vancouver Police Museum’s unique new walking tour – Sins of the City. While leading you through the oldest parts of Vancouver, your guide will regale you with stories about:

  • Bootleggers, prohibition, and the often quirky evolution of liquor laws (and their enforcement) in the city
  • The development of the early drug trade and the surprising Vancouver origins of Canada’s narcotic laws
  • Racial and labour tension boiling over into demonstrations, riots and murder
  • The evolution of the sex trade, from brothels to streetwalkers
  • The city’s considerable predilection for gambling

Participants are also invited to visit the Police Museum on the day of their walking tour at no additional charge.

$15 adults / $12 students and seniors.

Group Bookings

Want a tour at a more convenient time? Contact the museum to book your own tour for a group of ten or more at a discounted rate.

Please contact the museum for more information or to book a space on this tour.

[Editors:  This is an AMAZING program done up in Vancouver, B.C. at the Police Museum there.  Please check out the video! This is a lesson for ALL museums big and small! Rock on, Chris Mathieson!  They "tweet" here and you have to check out how they do it!]




Thanks for posting this - what a great program! I like the way they're using Twitter too.

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