Attend a session in Portland

By Ted Greenberg

Hey, I have a happy smile on my face. I will see you in Portland in the next couple of weeks at the 75th anniversary celebration of the Western Museums

Association annual meeting. I am part of the presentation panel discussion: It’sAlive or Has Been in the Past: Care of Live Collections and Concerns of Use of Endangered Species in Museum Objects.

I will be joined by Tracy Johnson, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, High Desert Museum, Bend Oregon; Jan Mothershed, Animal Registrar, Oregon Zoo;KIm Powell, Manager, Gander and White Shipping Inc., San Francisco, CA and Wildlife Inspector Ray Hernandez, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement, Torrence, CA.

They are going to speak with you about how we are cared for whern we are aliveor dead, included in your decorative artworks, the laws you have to be aware of when we are transported and shown in you museum or zoo. They are also going to touch on some of the technology that is used to track us or keep tabs on us in their collections. If we get to travel, what is needed before we leave and upon arrivals and any of the forms that they have to fill out. Please come to hear about all this on October 19th at 3:45in the Halsey Room of the Doubletree Hotel

Look forward to seeing you.



Sorry, forgot to put my name on the I will also be the moderator of this session...


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