News from the Getty Leadership Institute at CGU

James Leventhal recently got in touch and asked if I'd post a short update on what's been happening at the Getty Leadership Institute.  James’ timing was perfect, as there have been a lot of changes recently.

Many of you probably already know in January 2010, we moved from being part of the Getty Foundation to being an independent institute within Claremont Graduate University. We relocated our office about 50 miles east of the Getty Center to the beautiful tree-lined streets of the Claremont campus, which Claremont Graduate University shares with five undergraduate colleges. The campus also contains a botanical garden and a number of art museums.

The Getty Foundation continues to support the Getty Leadership Institute, now named the Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University with a generous $2.2 million three-year grant. This allows us to continue to offer the Museum Leadership Institute (MLI) and one other program annually. We are also seeking additional funding to help us do more to support and strengthen leadership in the museum field.

MLI Participants

MLI Participants

We will host our 33rd annual MLI program for the first time in Claremont from June 18-July 8, 2011. After being at Berkeley and the Getty, we look forward to continuing to build on MLI’s strength and tradition here at the Claremont Campus, where space enables up to 45 to be admitted.

We are also excited to reintroduce our Museum Leaders: The Next Generation program (NextGen) in Spring 2011 (March 14-18), also on the Claremont Graduate University campus.  In addition, we are collaborating with the Alberta Museums Association and the University of Alberta Museums to bring NextGen:Canada to Alberta in May 2011 from May 9-13, 2011. Join us in Claremont or in Edmonton!
In June 2011, we will again be involved in the Instituto de Liderazgo Museos’ third annual PADEM program in Mexico City – this collaborative effort customizes our MLI design for museum leaders in Mexico.

Our other activities include a project with National Arts Strategies to collate recent leadership research that has applicability for the cultural sector, and providing technical assistance to the Qatar Museums Authority and the Heritage Board in Singapore. We are busy!

Going to WMA in Portland?  My colleague, MiJin Hong will be there, moderating a panel presentation entitled, "Reject the Ladder, Enter through the Side Door: Alternative Paths to Museum Leadership," at 11 am on Tuesday, October 19, 2011. Do stop by and say hello.

That’s our news!  Finally, we're making our first forays into social media. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.




I am an alum of the Getty's NextGen 2007 and I have to say it was a great learning experience, both personally and professionally that started the moment I was accepted into the program and continues to this day. The staff and instructors were very engaged in the process and available at any time for the participants. I walked away with a wealth of tools and materials and a core group of colleagues across the country who are committed to becoming leaders in the museum field.
The Getty Leadership Institute offers wonderful programs for those who want to continue their professional development. I highly recommend it! So much so, I am seriously considering applying to the MLI next year.

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