Sign Up!: Social Media Workshop Session

By James G. Leventhal

Not too long ago, museums didn't have email. Or websites. Or e-blasts. We've simply incorporated these new technologies as they've arrived. In many cases they've improved our work and made our professional lives easier. Really, it's not even that long ago that we didn't use direct mail and I remember when it was a question as to whether we'd accept credit card donations.  Social media's just another chapter in this story, and something of a game changer.  Whether you are fully engaged with social media or just getting started, it's as important to spend time talking about strategy, documenting it and to learn from each others' experiences.

The Western Museums Association has been helping museums and museum professionals get together and think about social media, including having helped to organize a presentation at the SFMOMA with Seb Chan of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia.

Join us for one of the key pre-conference workshops at this year’s Western Museum Association’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 17th from 1-5 pm. Adam Rozan, Marketing Manager for the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) and Stephanie Weaver, Principal, Experienceology and I will be running a workshop called the Portland Arts & Culture Social Media Convening in the Stevens Room at the Portland Art Museum.

Rozan on stage with colleagues at OMCA reopening, tweeting #california

Rozan recently organized a really great piece of crowdsourced community engagement by bringing together all the "tweeters" and social media mavens from museum throughout the SF Bay Area, when the OMCA recently reopened it's art and history galleries with a massive 31-hour-straight party.

This event on Sunday afternoon October 17th at the Portland Art Museum is not free.  The $30 fee covers refreshments and a copy of Beth Kanter and Allison Fine’s book The Networked Nonprofit.  Online registration is closed. You can register at the door, but please RSVP to let us know you are attending to Stephanie Weaver: sweaver [at] so we have enough food and books.

The Portland Arts & Culture Social Media Convening will bring together social media staff from the greater Portland area arts and culture community.

This four-hour workshop will open a dialogue on social media as it relates to:

  • Best practices
  • Metrics and Presentation of Value
  • Growth opportunities
  • Strategy and documentation
  • Potential Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Internal communications
  • Organizational change
  • and other key issues

And most importantly, this workshop will bring us together, museum professionals learning from each other.

Join us for this workshop, discussion, tweet-festival, and social media community-building exercise. If you are working in social media for your cultural organization, are thinking of jumping in to social media, or cover the cultural scene in the Pacific Northwest, join us!



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