CSI: Registrars at Pittock Mansion

by Allyson Lazar

Sunday morning, while other conference attendees were en route to Portland or just getting their first cups of coffee for the day, a bright-eyed group of registrars and collection managers, organized by the Registrars Committee-Western Region, trekked up to the wooded west hills to spend the day volunteering at Pittock Mansion!

But before we removed all of our dangling items and donned our gloves, we took a little tour of the fabulous mansion built by the Oregonian magnate, including the impressive grand staircase and...

...the world's most amazing shower! Keep in mind that this house was built in the very early 20th century! Mr. Pittock loved the latest in all technology!

After we were done oohing and aahing of the view from the bathroom(!)

...we got down to the serious business of inventorying and rehousing textiles. When we were done, a closet had been lined with inert foam to protect the items hanging in it...

...and we had made our way through tons of boxes of table linens, baby clothes, lace and dresses!

We had an awesome day--and I hope you will have a fantastic time, too, when you visit Pittock Mansion tonight as part of the evening event!



Thanks for posting these great photos Allyson! I had so much fun and was inspired by the architecture of that house! Looking forward to the next RC-WR CSI event!

Allyson, this is so great -- best selected pix -- feel like I was there! and I love that the registrars are so close, great model! shippers' party was fun last night....glad to be invited this year and to have a glimpse into the world of registrars.

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