Greetings from Fairbanks

WMA Executive Director Aldona Jonaitis

WMA Board President Aldona Jonaitis

 This is my very first venture past email, and I am not entirely comfortable. Remember, I started out with clay tablets. No, just kidding. But with fountain pens, yes.

If there is anything WMA is about, however, it's bringing our members the most up to date, useful and interactive information as we can, and this medium is designed for just that.

I've been concerned over the past several months about what the troubled economy holds in store for non profits, especially our museums. Individuals are limiting their giving, worried about making their own ends meet. And philanthropies have cut back because their endowments are doing so badly. Corporations of course must make profits before they give.

Stories are told often about museums closing down, temporarily or permanently.

So, what do we all do?

I think this is an excellent place for presenting and discussing possible responses to this situation. We cannot simply despair, for museums are by their very nature optimistic institutions. We have turned the best of humanity -- our art, our great stories, our scientific advancements -- as well as the worst -- genocide, racism, poverty -- into means to educate present and future citizens how to live in and understand this world, and make it better.

Together we'll figure out ways to survive these economic problems and come out better and stronger.

Western Museums Association Board President Aldona Jonaitis is the Executive Director of University of Alaska Museum of the North.



Thanks Aldona for your insight and optimism! We can make it a better world by simply doing our jobs during the tough times and the good times. Museum people are the best and that goes for our WMA leader!

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