Executive Director's Message

Elida Zelaya, Executive Director

Elida Zelaya, Executive Director

This is a whole new world. Well, maybe not so new to many of you, but new to me, me who loves factoids and the random but has been called....(*gasp*) a luddite.
I can honestly say that I am not a luddite, in fact I love machines and technology since they make my job easier or me more efficient! But I am a twitter virgin, a very recent FB user, and only in the last week, Linked In. I will admit that I tend to want to grasp the physical, hear an actual voice, even write a letter...on paper...with a pen.
Luckily I have a job that allows me the best of both worlds - communication via technology most of the year, and then an intense period of in-person connection with hundreds of you at the WMA annual meeting. The reality is that what WMA has to offer is access our members' experiences, so that we can grow as a professionals, and inclusion in our network. That's our ultimate product, and the quarterly newsletter and annual meeting have been the traditional vehicles.
But here WMA is, LinkedIn, on FB, and with a blog. I think these "new" means of communication will evolve  and supplement the traditional vehicles. WMA will give and get an even more inclusive feeling by participating this virtual world and sharing/bonding/inspiring each other between personal meets. In my head, and eventually as formal goals for WMA, I want to utilize these modes of communication for depth: increasing WMA's commitment to and role as a gathering place for those who already are members; but also, WMA must prepare for breadth: reaching out to and offering a place to those who are not yet members.
We all are better human beings and do our jobs better when we have someone we trust to vent to, to share with, to support us. I think that all of us will find that we crave more, consistent communication with our friends, family, and colleagues as the stresses that our nation faces wax, wane, and, whether directly or indirectly, touch us. So why not join me and be a part of the WMA network? I bet you have a lot to offer.



Thanks Elida for diving into the next world, you are good at diving! We will try to help you by keeping our heads above water and making our boardly contributions.

Hi Elida and good luck with the blog and network. I've found blogging can seem to be a lonely pursuit as elicting comments can be difficult. We have discussed this on Museum 3.0 here - http://museum30.ning.com/forum/topics/museum-blogs-what-are-your

Two things I would suggest (if you haven't already. First is to add Google Analytics to your blog - this will show how many readers you have rather than just measuring impact via the number of comments. Second is to register the blog at museumblogs.org.

James has asked me to do a guest post whih I'm working on now.

The Napa Valley Museum Takes on State

The State Departments of Veterans Affairs and General Services are attempting to throw us out of our building constructed with community donations in the mid-1990s. The State believes the Napa Valley Museum did not comply with the terms of the long-term lease. The State believes we are now operating with a month-to-month tenancy. We believe the termination was ineffective and wrongly executed, and therefore we still have a valid lease. In early March, the State gave us a 30-day eviction notice, but on the 29th day, they sent a Notice f Rescission of the Notice to Vacate. We now have until October 15 to resolve the issue.
The Napa Valley Museum asserts that we are currently in compliance with the original lease, having paid all past amounts due. We operate in a building constructed with 2.3 million dollars from the community.
It was, in fact, the museum, in 2006, that brought the lease issue to the attention of the State. State then took 13 months to reply to us. Before the requested meeting could take place, the State issued its Termination of Lease. The museum did not have a chance to adequately discuss its lease situation.
The museum has a vital exhibition schedule of art and history dislays, as well as an educational outreach program to the elementary and middle schools of the Napa Valley, touching the lives of 5000 kids annually. We supplement exhibitions with special programs, lectures and workshops. We have been serving the community since 1973.
I encourage empathetic persons to call or fax representatives. Perhaps the Department of Veterans Affairs would drop this if there were a hue and cry.

Sen. Pat Wiggins
fax 916.323.6958

Rep. Mike Thompson
Napa: 707.226.9898
fax 707.251.9800

DC: 202.225.3311
fax 202.225.4335

Noreen Evans, State Assembly
fax 916.319.2107

fax 707.258.8205

Sen Diane Feinstein
DC: 202.224.3841
fax 202.228.3954

SF: 414.393.0707
fax 415.393.0710

Sen Barbara Boxer
DC: 202.224.3553
fax 202.224.0454

SF: 415.403.0100

Tom Johnson
Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs
fax 916.653.2456

Your noisy support is greatly appreciated!

---Rick Deragon
Executive Director
Napa Valley Museum

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