Getting Caught Up with WMA 2009

by Allyson Lazar


WMA Board Members convene near the end of the conference

Last week roughly 400 museum professionals from the Western Region and beyond* gathered in beautiful San Diego for the annual WMA conference. Buzz in the hallways indicated that the sessions were some of the strongest, most relevant, useful and enjoyable yet!

But what about the folks who weren't there? How can they benefit from the conversations and sharing that took place? Fear not! We've got a lot of different ways to make sure everyone can get all caught up!

First off, there are the blog posts here at the WestMuse blog. And pretty soon the latest issue of the WestMuse newsletter will be published, focusing on the conference.

But there are other places to see what happened, too:

Back channel chatter on Twitter:

Photo sets on Flickr: (courtesy of Lydia Johnson) (courtesy of Lydia Johnson) (courtesy of Linda Poe Waterfield)

Discussions on LinkedIn:

FaceBook Updates:

And hey, if you have photo sets you want to share or conference discussions that are happening someplace else online, please go ahead and post them in the comments so that more people can join in!

* Not only did we have museum people from the East Coast and the Mountain-Plains, we even had one special guest who came in all the way from Australia!




I love how our WMA members and colleagues are connecting 24/7 with WMA social media vehicles... learning is instantaneous, generous and lively. And the comradry and support is non-stop, fluid and above all FUN. We need each other so much during these challenging times. Thank you Allyson for the many pathways to WMA connection.

It is fun, isn't it? I look forward to seeing even more examples of "weisure" and online presence from WMA and its members!

I'm so glad you found the posts useful and a good draw for the conference! Hopefully more folks will be posting their thoughts on sessions they attended soon, too...

Thanks so much for this string of blog posts. I was out of the country and then at ASTC during WMA, and I loved keeping up with the sessions virtually. It also made me more interested in attending next year - more evidence that "giving away" content online can motivate onsite visits and transactions!

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