San Diego Eateries

By Stephanie Weaver

We've been working on new tools to help you plan your visit to San Diego for WMA, October 25-29. Click HERE to see the interactive restaurant map. It's an open, public map, so local folks can add their own suggestions for eateries near the Catamaran.

Green Flash Restaurant

Green are vegetarian, red are regular restaurants, the hotel is the blue locator, while the pushpin is a well-known coffeehouse.

Feel free to check it out and add your own recommendations!

We're looking forward to seeing you.

Stephanie Weaver
Host Committee




How useful is this!? I would have LOVED to have one of these at AASLH last year - had such a hard time finding places to eat.

It might be helpful for those of us on a budget to add symbols indicating approximate entree price. $ is under $13, $$ is 13 to 20, $$$ is over $20?

Stephanie, this is awesome.

In January at the program committee meeting I ate at a place right on the beach, which must have been near World Famous. It was just a walk up stand, with a couple of outdoor tables. Breakfast burritos and smoothies. Took me about 80 seconds from the front door of the Catamaran. Can anyone help me identify it? It was fast, cheap, and tasty.

Yes, please keep adding recommendations to the map. I'll try to go in and add pricing information, thanks for the suggestion.

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