Executive Director

Company Name: 

Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum


1 North Old Stage Road
Mount Shasta, CA 96067

Contact Name: 

Jean Nels





Job Description: 

About Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum:

Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum communicates stories and information about the past, present and future of the Mount Shasta area through its exhibits and other events. To do this, the museum is divided into three spaces and an events room for special activities and temporary displays.  When visiting the museum, one can study the area's history, the science and beauty of lenticular clouds, the story of the Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery, tales about the railroad, Lulu Belle, the 1915 Fire Truck, and a geology exhibit. There are activities and interactive opportunities for children and adults, which tie-in with the featured displays.

The Mt. Shasta Museum Association Inc. formed when a surplus State Fish Hatchery building became available as a possible community museum in 1979. Community members showed an outpouring of support.  With assistance from the State legislature, Sisson Museum opened on July 4, 1983 in the newly renovated building.

 Job Description:

Under the direction of the Mt. Shasta Museum Association Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for overall management and operation of Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum.  

The primary responsibility of the Executive Director is to play a leading role in developing and articulating the strategic direction of the Museum and in implementing the resulting strategies and initiatives, working closely with the Board of Directors and volunteer staff.

To achieve these ends, the Executive Director undertakes long- and short-range planning, exhibit development, budget preparation and monitoring, development of museum’s programs and services, expands community outreach, and performs duties which foster donation of funds to the museum.

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Director:

•   Manages Volunteer Staff: Identifies, assigns, and supervises work of the volunteer staff with assistance from Volunteer Coordinator. Assures that all are appropriately trained and adequate staffing is maintained to meet the museum’s needs and objectives. Creates a congenial atmosphere and environment conducive for recruiting and retaining volunteers.  

 •  Financial records, Reports, and Proposals: Performs ongoing daily financial management as well as long-term planning and reporting. Works with the Board of Directors to develop a yearly budget. Works with treasurer to maintain all financial records and conduct a yearly review.

 •  Planning: Responsible for strategic planning, as well as creating long-term, short-term, and annual goals and objectives for the organization.

 •  Exhibits: Works with the Exhibits Committee to develop and implement exhibits.

 •   Collection: Works with the Collections Manager to ensure items donated to the museum are appropriately reviewed, accessioned, conserved, preserved, and cataloged.

 • Community Outreach: Develops programs, community activities, and appropriate meetings which further the mission of the museum and benefit the community

 •  Website, Promotion and Publicity: Promotes Museum events and activities. Keeps website current.

 •  Membership: Works to increase membership numbers and member benefits, and maintains member records on Past Perfect with help from the Membership Chairperson.

 • Development: Sets goals for all major fundraising efforts and reports to Board of Directors. 

 • Grants: Identifies grant opportunities and works to develop government, non-profit, and foundation grants to support the operations of the Museum. Responsible for appropriate monitoring of grants and required reporting.

 •  Records: Keeps electronic records in an orderly and accessible system and monitors regular file back-up. Maintains hard-copy files in an organized manner.

 •  Facilities, Supplies and Equipment: Coordinates maintenance of the museum building, grounds, and equipment, and provides for safe and reliable operation of the Museum. Maintains adequate supplies for Museum operation within budget parameters.

•  Museum Store: Provides oversight on museum store: purchasing items, timing of shop activities, setting of prices for the shop, and inventory.

•  Professional Development: Participates in educational activities and museum associations to keep abreast of the latest development in small museum management.

Skills and Expertise Required:

•  Supervisory skills, especially as relevant to a volunteer staff, financial, and administrative management of an organization

•  Ability to serve as an articulate spokesperson for the Museum

• Experience in development and fundraising, including foundation and government grants as well as corporate and private donations; demonstrated ability to develop partnerships and identify creative solutions

• Financial record-keeping skills

•  Knowledge of Museum Professional policies, issues, and strategies

•  Familiarity with applications: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Past Perfect, Dropbox; knowledge of publishing software like Adobe Creative Suite or Publisher.

•  Adept at Social Media, especially Facebook and Instagram

• Interpersonal and team interaction skills; ability to work with a diverse community and with standing and ad hoc committees

•  Ability to meet the physical demands of working during the Museum’s open hours, assisting with visitors and the museum displays


The Executive Director will have a relevant bachelor's degree and 3-5 years' work in a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience, demonstrating ability required to support a non-profit organization and manage service for a small museum staffed primarily with volunteers.

Location: The Executive Director will be based at Mt Shasta Sisson Museum in Mt Shasta, California.

 Salary: This is a full time, salaried position, salary range $40,000-$55,000 DOE, which requires some weekend, holiday, and evening hours.  The work schedule is flexible and some duties may be performed from home