Executive Director

Company Name: 

Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives


553 S. King Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

Contact Name: 

Elizabeth Lentz-Hill





Job Description: 

Job Description:
The Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives is looking for a mission-focused,
strategic and process-minded leader with strong people management skills who has experience
in business management (not-for-profit or profit based) and a keen interest and understanding
of the importance of history and how it informs present day society and culture.
Responsibilities include:
 Communicates effectively and acts as the primary spokesperson for the organization,
building relationships with key stakeholders including: donors, schools (elementary
through college), area businesses, like-focused organizations, community groups,
elected and public officials, and the community at large.
 Works closely with the Board to develop ongoing business and strategic plans in
alignment with short and long term goals including budget planning and the creation
and implementation of fundraising strategies for long term financial stability.
 Leads and motivates staff to create and maintain an efficient and productive team,
ensuring compliance with legal, financial, and administrative rules and regulations as
well as producing results consistent with the overall strategy and mission, and
maintaining AAM accreditation.
 Works with staff to manage the site and collections in conjunction with offering
programs which encourage a deeper understanding of all the facets of the community in
Hawai’i primarily in the time frame from 1820 through 1863 and how that connects with
contemporary times.

Required Qualifications:
 Proven experience in executive management positions with in-depth knowledge of
business governance and general management best practices.
 Experience in implementing vision and developing profitable strategies.
 Demonstrated ability to recruit, develop, manage, and inspire a team.
 Demonstrated ability to work with an active Board of Directors.
 Strong communication and public speaking skills and experience in community

Desired Qualifications:
 Understanding of Hawaiian history and 19th century history would be preferred and
 Demonstrated success in fundraising and marketing.
 Not-for-profit management experience.

Reports To:
The Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees which is the governing body and has
ultimate authority for the management of Hawaiian Mission Houses. The status of the position
is full time exempt.

Hawaiian Mission Houses enriches our community by fostering thoughtful dialogue and greater
understanding of the missionary role and impact on the history of Hawai’i.

To preserve the heritage and interpret the stories of the Protestant Missionaries, their
descendants, and their relationships with the people and cultures of Hawai’i, connecting down
to contemporary life and encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation for the
complex history of Hawai’i.

Contact Information:
To apply, please submit your resume and contact information along with 3 references to:
Patricia Morgan, Board President