Curator of Exhibits

Company Name: 

Lost City Museum


721 S. Moapa Valley Blvd.
Overton, NV 89040

Contact Name: 

Tracey Sprague




Job Description: 

This is a professional position in the Department of Tourism & Cultural Affairs, Division of Museums & History at the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada.  The Curator of Exhibits position is responsible for: 1-museum education and programming related to exhibition collections, conducting school tours, and leading internship/volunteer projects; 2- management of museum exhibition collections (including registration, processing, preservation, conservation, security and appropriate use of artifacts in museum exhibits); 3- exhibit and gallery management (inspecting, cleaning, and correcting existing exhibit content); 4- exhibit transition management (developing new exhibit content, hands-on materials, design plans for exhibit replacement, etc); 5- graphic design and social media management of Lost City Museum. This position has a variable work week from Sunday to Thursday and is required to work some holidays.

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