Getty Marrow Exhibition and Audience Engagement Intern

Company Name: 

Japanese American National Museum


100 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Contact Name: 

HR Department


Job Description: 

The Getty MUI Exhibitions and Audience Engagement intern will work closely with the Vice President of Exhibitions and Art Director and focus on supporting the exhibition Cruising J-Town: Nikkei Car Culture and its accompanying audience engagement materials. Automobiles have played a vital role in the Japanese American community since the early 20th century serving both a practical need, as well as symbols of an individual's identity and place in society. Japanese Americans as racers, designers, customizers, and general enthusiasts, have long embraced the automobile as a way to express creativity, build community, and lend their own innovations to the broader culture.

Working closely with the VP of Exhibitions and curator Oliver Wang, the intern will focus on the development of educational activities that will support the understanding and interpretation of the role automobiles played in the development and identity of this community. The intern will help to organize many of the ephemera that have been gathered for this exhibition as well as help to identify key stories from the more than 70 oral histories that have been conducted in order to understand car culture and its impact on this community. 

The final product for this internship will be several options for educational and audience engagement activities that will allow the visitor to have a deeper and more meaningful experience not only with the materials but with the meaning of the exhibition within the context of society and its larger implications with identity and culture. 


Exhibition and Audience Engagement Intern Requirements: Strong research and written communication skills are essential. Strong attention to detail and highly organized. Strong design skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Printing and a host of art production tools. Experience with graphic design and typography desired but not required. Interest in learning about working as an arts professional in a nonprofit. Familiar with Google Suite and MS Office Suite.

The intern will have a computer with access to the JANM network, internet, scanner, and printer. They will have access to Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Printing, and a host of art production tools. They will be working in a creative space next to the Media Arts Center where digital media is produced and have access to all viewing and editing equipment. They will also have access to a clean space to produce physical artworks and comps of ideas as they would be seen within the exhibition. 


Please see our website for additional information and further instruction on how to apply.