WMA 2011: ATALM Pre-Conference Workshops





Please note that workshops are concurrent. All attendees are welcome to attend the ATALM workshops. Pre-registration is required.

Friday, September 23

8:30AM–4:30PM | Care of Folded and Rolled Documents

This hands-on workshop provides the basics of safely caring for and housing folded and rolled items. Participants will learn to: 1) make humidification chambers from plastic trash cans and from plastic trays with a sheet of Plexiglas and how to use these to humidify documents; 2) flatten documents using sheets of blotting paper and Plexiglas; 3) stabilize torn documents by encapsulation in polyester film or placement in a sleeve or envelope; 4) choose from the variety of folders and boxes that are commercially available for the storage of documents; 5) make custom rigid folders from acid-free corrugated board; and 6) make custom boxes from acid-free corrugated board. Instructor: Sherelyn Odgen, Head Conservator, Minnesota Historical Society. Fee: $50 per person includes lunch and materials

9:00AM–3:00PM | Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike (Knowledge is Gained by Doing)

During this day-long event, participants will be surrounded by the lush greenery of the Ko‘olau mountains. Papahana Kuaola is located in He‘eia, O‘ahu. The ‘ãina is being replanted with numerous native and Polynesian introduced species, helping to restore the area to its historic Hawaiian character. Through education and restoration efforts, an experienced staff creates opportunities for others to understand, appreciate, and care for the world we live in, and ultimately accept responsibility for the fate of the ‘ãina. This project welcomes conference attendees to experience, understand and respect the traditions, language, and natural history of Hawai‘i through the provision of learning experiences in an authentic setting with access to loi, native plants, sacred sites, and other pristine natural resources. Conference attendees will engage with Hawaiian cultural practitioners, musicians, craftspeople and artists who keep the Hawaiian culture “alive” and make Hawai‘i a special place. Fee: $25 per person includes transportation, lunch, and materials

9:00AM–1:00PM | Field Trip to Kamehameha Schools Midkiff Learning Center

Established in 1887, Kamehameha Schools was founded by the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, a descendent of King Kamehameha the Great. Now one of the largest private schools in the United States, Kamehameha Schools emphasizes Hawaiian language and culture, offering supplementary courses in Hawaiian literature, culture, history, song composition and performance, chant, and dance. Following an introduction to the innovative programs of Kamehameha Schools, field trip participants will tour the exemplary Midkiff Learning Center which is home to the unique Hawai‘i-Pacific Collection, Digital Resources, Innovation & Collaboration Center, Archives, Video Productions, and Journalism. Sponsored by the Midkiff Learning Center with hosts Gail Fujimoto (Head Librarian), Kawika Makanani (Hawai’i-Pacific Librarian), and Kehau Abad (Director of Kamehameha Publishing).  Fee: $25 per person includes transportation, lunch, and materials

9:00AM–2:00PM | Maritime Heritage Projects: Reviving Ancient Traditions for the Contemporary World

This workshop will consider how museums can support efforts to revive ancient cultural practices in the contemporary life of indigenous cultures. Joining Native Hawaiian canoeing societies will be an international scope of panelists representing three maritime heritage projects – the Pacific Northwest inland sea native Canoe Movement, the western Pacific open ocean canoe culture, and Qateri dhow revival in the Persian Gulf. Presenters will discuss their work to reintroduce and per- petuate valuable traditions. Documentary film footage, song, oral histories, and presentations will provide opportunities for attendees to compare and contrast vessel preservation and construction and cultural programming particularly as it applies to enhancing appreciation of their respective cultural traditions among indigenous youth. Presenters: Tom Cashman, Executive Director; Phillip Red Eagle, Pacific NW Canoe Movement; Heather Farrell, Deputy Director of Programs, National Museum of Qatar, Doha; Pacific Islands participants to be announced. Fee: $25 per person includes lunch



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