Wanda Chin Scholarship Deadline for WMA 2013

PrintThe June 1st deadline is rapidly approaching!

The Wanda Chin Scholarship program helps fund participation and travel to the Western Museums Association (WMA) 2013 Annual Meeting by professionals who might otherwise not be able to attend. Scholarships are available to members of the field at the student, incoming professional and mid-career professional levels. The Scholarship program is a vital component of our mission. Apply today!


Please fill out the Wanda Chin Scholarship form and return by May 31 , 2013.


  1. Please fill out the Wanda Chin Donation form
  2. Ship your donation to the conference location no more than 10 days prior to the conference, or simply bring the donation with you to the conference. Please note: WMA is not responsible for items shipped to the conference location but not received.

Suggested donation items are:

  • Museum gift shop items; craft supplies; jewelry; books; etc.
  • A stay at your vacation home
  • Wine from your state

If WMA receives written notification of your donation by one month prior to the conference, you will be acknowledged in the List of Auction Items, which is posted on our website and at the conference.

Items may be brought or sent directly to the Annual Meeting location, but you must fill out this form in advance in order to receive proper acknowledgement at the conference. Please provide us with a description of the item and estimated value. Large items may be shipped to high bidder (at the donor’s expense) after the conference as long a clear photograph of the item is provided to WMA in advance for the auction table. Please note that WMA may combine your item with others if such a combination would bring higher bids.

Blog posts by Wanda Chin Award recipients:



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