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Every year state and federal budgets are threatened with spending cuts. We as museum professionals understand the significant support our institutions bring to surrounding communities, including key roles in education, job creation, tourism, economic development and much more. However, many elected officials are not fully aware of these benefits and it is time to let all constituents know.

MAD2014The Western Museums Association (WMA) strives to strengthen museums in the Western region and beyond by offering museum professionals unique opportunities to connect and collaborate with each other. The WMA is a proud supporter of the Sixth Annual Museums Advocacy Day – a two-day event on February 24-25, 2014, in Washington, DC. Help the WMA support advocacy for museums and against potential budget cuts for the future. Additionally, the WMA members receive a free registration to Museum Advocacy Day 2014. Please contact us for details and to obtain the code for a FREE registration.

Register for Museum Advocacy Day 2014 here. The registration deadline is January 24, 2014.

You can learn more about membership to WMA here.

Museums Advocacy Day is an opportunity to promote the value of museums to Capitol Hill, while advocating for policy and funding issues that affect our field. If you cannot make it to Washington DC, there are many ways you and your museum can still participate. Visit the American Alliance of Museums’ (AAM) Year-Round Advocacy for Museums for tools to maximize your impact, whether you are attending Museums Advocacy Day in person, or advocating from home.

Join WMA and AAM at Museum Advocacy Day 2014!



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