2015 Wanda Chin Scholarship Submission Period is Now Open

Professional conferences are a fantastic arena to learn and grow through attending sessions, networking with peers, and exposure to organizational, theoretical, and geographical perspectives. However, taking advantage of this type of opportunity often is a matter of finances.

The Western Museums Association (WMA) offers the Wanda Chin Scholarship to assist member’s financial needs and ultimately further the museum profession. The Scholarship helps fund travel and registration for WMA members who otherwise could not attend the Annual Meeting. The program is funded through annual auctions and donations.

The application submission period is now open for Scholarships to the 2015 Annual Meeting!

The 2014 Wanda Chin Scholarship recipients

As 2014 Wanda Chin Scholarship recipient Alexa Beaman explained:

“Overall, the 2014 Annual Meeting sessions offered great learning and professional development opportunities that allowed me to expand my views on museum education, leadership, and mobile engagement. I feel that it is only when we are able to assemble and discuss experiences collectively that we are able to effectively move the field into the future.”

Her 2014 recipient peer, Crystal Mason, followed up:

“For me, networking at the 2014 Annual Meeting was not just beneficial for my professional development but for my personal development. It reignited my passion and reminded me that despite my location, I am not alone; there are people like me spread all over the west…Overall the 2014 Annual Meeting was integral in reigniting my passion while expanding my mind at the same time. Small museums often mean small budgets and without the help of the Wanda Chin Scholarship I would not have been able to gain all of the invaluable information and networking opportunities I had at this wonderful conference.”

The Wanda Chin Professional Development Scholarship helps to fund travel and registration for WMA Members who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Student (Must be a current WMA Member and enrolled in a degree granting program)
  2. Incoming Professional (Must be a current WMA Member and have been in the museum field for 1-5 years)
  3. Mid-career professional (Must be a current WMA Member and have been in the museum field for 5+ years)

We encourage applications from members of diverse communities, and subscribe to EEO/Affirmative Action principles. This is a competitive process, and awards are based primarily on financial need. Scholarship awards are generally partial amounts requested in order to assist as many qualified applicants as possible; it is expected that the recipient or their institution will share some cost.

The May 29, 2015 deadline is approaching! Apply today!


To Apply:

Please fill out the Wanda Chin Scholarship Application Form and return it to proposals@westmuse.org by May 29, 2015.

Learn more about the Wanda Chin Scholarship here.

Learn more about WMA Membership here.


Blog posts by Wanda Chin Award recipients:



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