2019 Program Committee Report

At the start of March, the WMA 2019 Program Committee met in Boise, ID for the second and final planning meeting for this year’s Annual Meeting. Our 2019 Program Committee is comprised of a diverse group of museum leaders from all corners of the Western region. Over four very full days—two in January and the other two in March—the Program Committee discussed and reviewed 80+ session proposals, using the theme of ENGAGE as their guide.

Given the wealth of excellent session submissions this year, selecting the final program was not an easy process. Ultimately, 42 sessions were selected for October’s Annual Meeting. The sessions that the Program Committee selected span a wide variety of topics relevant to the world of museums. Topics emerging from the session proposals include social change movements led by museums, practical tools to increase diversity in museum staff and volunteers, and the current and future challenges for museum studies programs.

One of the highlights of the Program Committee meetings is the opportunity to get to know the Annual Meeting host city better. The Program Committee was lucky enough to host their meeting in the newly renovated Idaho State Museums and the Boise Art Museum - both gems in the Idaho cultural landscape. While currently listed as one of the fastest-growing cities in America, Boise has long been a destination in the Basque diaspora and is home to the most concentrated populations of Basque-Americans in the United States. Between the inspiring museums and the rich culture of Boise, WMA 2019 promises to be a sensational Annual Meeting.


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