AAM's 2017 National Museum Salary Survey


Have you always wondered how much your museum colleagues get paid? Do you want to know how your salary stacks up to peers with similar job titles? You can get the latest salary information and employment trends with the new 2017 National Museum Salary Survey, the only comprehensive study of its kind for the museum field.

With data received from 1,060 institutions nationwide, the comprehensive 2017 National Museum Salary Survey details demographic, salary, and benefit information on 52 of the most common professional positions in museums, organized within five categories: administrative; collections; education, visitor services and research/evaluation; exhibitions; and external affairs.

This year, you also have the option to buy snapshot reports, which only include the positions that matter to you. For example, in the administrative snapshot, you will find salary data on the following positions:

  •     Director/CEO/President
  •     Vice President/Deputy/Associate/Assistant Director for Administration/Operations 
  •     Deputy/Associate/Assistant Director for Programming
  •     Chief Financial Officer/Controller
  •     Business Manager
  •     Human Resources Director
  •     Director/Manager of Information Services & Technology 
  •     Administrative Assistant to Director or Department/Division Head 
  •     Office Manager 
  •     Chief of Security
  •     Facilities Director

As a museum professional, it's critical to keep your finger on the pulse of your profession. The 2017 National Museum Salary Survey provides comparative baselines that can help you know how your compensation stacks up against that of your peers. It can also be used as an advocacy tool to tackle compensation and benefits issues with employers and funding agencies.

The full report, with all 52 positions, is available for $100. Members of AAM, WMA, and of other regional and state project partner organizations can purchase the report for $60 (when logged into the AAM website). The administrative snapshot is available for $20.



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