Happy Pride Month!

Hooray for June and National Pride Month!

We’ve rounded up some articles, lists and ideas about museums and the LGBTQIA+ community. Since this is not a comprehensive listing we invite you to send us your additions.


Museums and Archives

Pride: “10 Incredible Museums and Archives that are Preserving LGBT History” by Cassie Sheets

Online Museum Exhibitions

GLBT Historical Society Archives and Museum
“Passionate Struggle: Dynamics of San Francisco’s GLBT History
“Lineage: Matchmaking the Archives”
“Dykes on Bikes: 30 Years at the Forefront”
“Outranks: GLBT Military Service from World War II to the Iraq War”
“Council on Religion and the Homosexual”


Queering the Museum: “Museum Pride: The Social Role of Museums in LGBT Advocacy”

Museum Next: “How Museums Can Expand Narratives with LGBT Interpretation”
Listen to Susan Ferentions' 2015 lecture about ways that museums might begin thinking about expanding their interpretation to include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) stories.

Smithsonian Magazine: “What It Took to Create the World’s First Gay Art Museum”

American Museum of History: “Better Gay Than Grumpy”

The Guardian; “Queer Britain museum: ‘an overdue resource’”

Programming Ideas

Museums With Pride
San Francisco museums united for the annual Pride Parade

Science Museum of Minnesota
Social Science: Pride
Have a ball with your local queer community organizations and advocates. Join in activities that will encourage you to work and laugh together while you explore the science of sexuality, drag, rainbows and refraction, and more.

History Tour at Oakland Museum of California

California Academy of Sciences Pride Night

Films at the Bellevue Arts Museum

Evergreen Aviation Museum

Living Computer Museum and Labs Screening of “Gaming in Color”

Art Newspaper's Round up of activities at US and Canadian museums last year


American Alliance of Museums- LGBTQ Alliance

American Association of State and Local History “Interpreting LGBT History at Museums and Historic Sites” by Susan Ferentinos

Queering the Museum Project

Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Project



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