Now Presenting WestMusings 2015

The Western Museums Association (WMA) presents the third installment of WestMusings | 10 Minute Museum Talks, which took place during the 80th Annual Meeting. WestMusings is a program of short, engaging presentations by unique voices—intended to inspire others in the field. This year, speakers delved into topics that explored how museums can be more engaging and relevant to the communities we serve. Join WMA as we celebrate the spark and passion that drives museum work.

As you watch the WestMusings 2015 videos, think about the questions posed below, and how they relate to your work in museums. Start a conversation by sharing WestMusings 2015 with your peers!


Susan Edwards

Associate Director for Digital Content, Hammer Museum

Magic Circle

What would happen if we applied methods used by game designers to our museum work? How can we use games to create safe spaces for staff to explore new ideas? Can games and play in the conference room be taken seriously?


Laura Fry

Curator of Art, Gilcrease Museum

Museums Extreme: Adventure Sports and the Visitor Experience

What do extreme recreational sports and museum visitor experiences have in common? How do we translate a sense of adventure to the museum field? As museum professionals, how do we encourage our audiences to take risks and experience the thrill of discovery?


Scott Manning Stevens

Director of Native American Studies Program and Associate Professor of Native American Studies, Syracuse University

Finding Common Ground: Native America and Museums

How have Native curators attempted to address a legacy of mistrust between many Native Americans and the institution of the museum? What can museums with significant Native American materials learn from this troubled legacy and contemporary Native curators?


Maria Mortati

Museum Exhibit Developer & Designer

Tell Me Where the Mirrors Go

Are museums making good on their promise to be agents of intellectual exchange? How can museums do more to serve their communities during turbulent times?


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