Program Perspective: Illuminating the Neon Museum

A mid-Century modern architectural artifact greets visitors as they enter the Neon Museum: The La Concha Motel Lobby. Originally constructed in 1961 on Las Vegas Boulevard South (next to the Riviera Hotel), the La Concha lobby was saved from demolition in 2005 and moved in 2006 to its current location to serve as the museum’s Visitors’ Center.

The La Concha Visitor Center

The entrance to the Boneyard

As visitors participate in a docent-led guided, they learn about Las Vegas’ history through light.


Pathways through the Boneyard

Make sure to check out the Museum’s Instragram page (OfficialNeonMuseumLasVegas) or Facebook page for more amazing imagery of these neon artifacts.

Signs in the Neon Museum Boneyard

Signs are carefully placed to construct a narrative of the stories of iconic businesses, hotels, and casinos. These signs begin to show about the people of Las Vegas, tourists and residents alike, while at the same time reflect the era of U.S. history they were created in. They layered signs tell the story of an adaptive city that has hosted many characters.

Glowing signs at the Neon Museum

The Sahara sign lit up at night

The iconic Stardust sign lit up at night

During the Vintage Vegas Evening Event at the WMA 2014 Annual Meeting, attendees will be able to see the collection theatrically lit from below as well as its four restored signs, illuminating a new way to look at historical artifacts.

Join us for the Vintage Vegas event at WMA2014!

Join WMA at the 2014 Annual Meeting and register today!

View the Preliminary Program here.



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