Program Perspective: Illuminating Springs Preserve

One step into the Springs Preserve transports you into another world within Las Vegas—one before the time of the Hoover Dam, casinos, and neon lights.

 A unique 180-acre cultural complex, the Springs Preserve features museums (including the Nevada State Museum), galleries, colorful botanical gardens, as well as an interpretive trail system that meanders through one of the richest and most unique biological resources in Southern Nevada.

Las Vegas is located in a basin on the floor of the Mojave Desert—the city’s annual precipitation is only about 4.2 inches. Springs Preserve addresses the many water issues, as well as innovations in sustainability throughout its buildings, trails and exhibits.

Water Derrick Trail

Sustainability Gallery

Watering Can Theater

The Desert Sol House is a living example of energy-saving residential design and sustainable living.

The Desert Sol House

The  is an international program that allows young collectors to trade naturally found items such as shells, rocks, bark, pinecones and more, for which they earn points that can be used for trading for other items.

Springs Preserve Nature Exchange

With so many outdoor activities, make sure to visit the Springs Preserve’s Origen Museum ("Origen" was derived from two words: original and generations) containing more than 75 permanent exhibits, an indoor theater and traveling exhibit space.

Animal exhibit area

Big Springs Gallery

Being in a desert means that there can be torrential flash floods, which visitors can experience at one of the most popular exhibits in the Origen Museum.

Flash Flood exhibit

During the Final Afternoon at Springs Preserve on Wednesday, October 8, attendees will be able to sit in on conference sessions, participate in special tours, watch WMA’s second installment of WestMusings, and wander the amazing grounds and exhibits at this one-of-a-kind locale.

Join WMA at the 2014 Annual Meeting and register today!

View the Preliminary Program here.




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