Seeking panelists for "Getting What You Need: the Curatorial Crunch" 2020 Session!


My name is Drew Ulrich, I am a museum curator with the Department of Arkansas Heritage. I attended the WMA annual meeting in 2018 and was incredibly astounded by the caliber and excellence of its professional development sessions. They have inspired me to engineer one for next year’s meeting in Portland.

The initial title of this session is “Getting What You Need: the Curatorial Crunch.” Concisely, the session’s subject shall be about navigating the scramble to find and solicit artifacts for upcoming exhibitions through a variety of mediums.

Though I am a westerner by birth, character, and descent, being out of region, I am at a disadvantage of locating proximate colleagues who plan to attend the annual meeting. Therefore I am seeking to recruit two fellow museum professionals from different institutions as panelists for this 75 minute session. If you are a curator, exhibition specialist, or administrator who has previously approached such challenges in the past PLEASE contact me. I believe we can construct a most worthwhile session for fellow practitioners with our depth of experiences.

You may contact me via e-mail or phone (870) 338-5649 at your earliest convenience.

I thank you very much for your consideration.

Drew Ulrich


Drew Ulrich is the Curator at the Department of Arkansas Heritage's Delta Cultural Center in Helena, a position he has held since March 2017. He has worked in the museum field consistently since 2012 at institutions in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Texas. His most recent exhibitions at the DCC include: "Over Here and There: the Sons and Daughters of Arkansas's Delta at War, 1917-1919" and "The Painted Delta: Artistic Expressions of the Alluvial Plain." He holds a master's degree in History from Sonoma State University with an emphasis on the Civil War and Reconstruction period and a second masters in Museum Studies from the Cooperstown Graduate Program.



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