WMA Talks about Women in Museums

WMA will be taking March to reflect on the conversations about women in museums as they are emerging today. From the explosion of the #metoo movement to in-depth explorations about pay equity, there are a host of ways the topics of women and museums are intersecting. WMA will present a series of blog articles to inspire discussion on line and IRL about women.

The following topics will be addressed over the next few weeks:

  • Where are the women in museums?
  • Dollars and Sense- Pay equity and ecnomic compensation challenges in the field
  • Women Inspiring Women- How to help and honor each other’s contribution in and outside of work.

As always, we invite you to join the conversation where ever works best for you. Please contact hillary@westmuse.org or visit our social media or website for more ways to stay in touch.


Resource List * This list will be added. Please check back for more information

Gender Gap Report from American Art Museum Directors

National Museum of Women in the Arts Campaign: #5WomenArtists and Get the Facts

The Gendered Museum- Museopunks

AAM Blog- Locker Room Talk

AAM Museum Labs- The Unseen Problem

AAM Museum Labs- 7 Factors that Drive Museum Wages Down


Gender Equity in Museums

Women in Museums by Anne Ackerson and Joan Baldwin

#MeToo Webinar



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