#wma2014 Social Media

Are you active on social media, and looking for ways to participate at the Western Museums Association (WMA) 2014 Annual Meeting? Look no further than connecting with the WMA on Facebook or @westmuse on Twitter!

Using #wma2014, share your thoughts, activities, and interesting quotes with your friends and colleagues. Live tweet during inspirational sessions or events, or post your photos to the WMA Facebook Wall.

Need a way to tell everyone about your professional development experiences at WMA 2014? Let your friends and colleagues know by downloading then posting this Attendee Badge to your social media profiles and webpages!

Do you have more than 140 characters worth? Maybe you would rather write a blog post about your experiences at WMA 2014 in. Please read our Submission Guidelines and email us about potential ideas.

If you will only be at the 2014 Annual Meeting in spirit, watch for updates from WMA’s Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on the WestMuse blog after the Annual Meeting. You can also search Twitter and Facebook for #wma2014 to see real time updates from attendees and the WMA team.

The WMA strives to help museum colleagues share ideas and connect in a variety of ways. Are you a part of the conversation?

Connect with WMA:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/westmuse
Twitter: twitter.com/westmuse



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