WMA 2011: PowerPoint from Models of Collaboration Session

One of the many well received sessions at WMA 2011 in Hawaii was Models of Collaboration. Below is the list of Presenters, description from the Program, and Rory Ruppert's PowerPoint. Many thanks to Rory for letting us share it here.
Berit Ness, Program Coordinator, Washington Art Consortium
Adrienne McGraw, Executive Director, Exhibit Envoy
Rory Ruppert, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership
As more museums and non-profit institutions are seeking to pool resources in order to survive, three different collaborative organizations, the Washington Art Consortium, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, and California Exhibition Resources Alliance, provide examples of some of the benefits inherent in combining resources and working together. Drawing from specific initiatives, these museum professionals will detail some of the motivations behind their institution’s conception, and explore how collaboration has benefited each of their organizations.

BPCP Presentation WMA 2011 [slideshare id=9598889&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

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Balboa Park continues to be such an important place, and a model for museums everywhere! And this whole subject of museum collaboration is significant here and overseas...so glad WMA was a positive platform for the session.

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