Give A Listen: 7 Podcasts for Museum Professionals

By Hillary Ryan, Communications and Programs Strategist, Western Museums Association

Let’s face it, for many people museum work can be lonely work. That’s one reason that it is great that there are so many interesting, educational and inspiring podcasts available. Tune it to one of these while you are working this week and let us know what you think. Also if you have a podcast, you’d like added to this list, please email me  and I’ll be happy to include it with updates.


If you haven’t taken time to listen, please give this podcast a try. Museopunks, officially tied to AAM’s Alliance Labs, Suse Anderson brings knowledgeable guests from across the country to talk about big issues in the museum field every month. It officially calls itself “a podcast for the progressive museum” and recent topics have included decolonization of museums, the exodus of talent from the field and gender inequality.

Museum Confidential

From the Philbrook Museum in Oklahoma in partnership with Public Radio Tulsa comes a great podcast comes Museum Confidential, a behind-the-scenes look at museums. Topics vary widely, but have a general focus on art museums in the mid-West region.

Museum Archipelago

Hosted by Ian Elsner, Museum Archipelago has a new podcast every other Monday and calls itself “your audio guide through the landscape of museums.” It focuses on examining history, visiting new institutions, and interviewing museum people as part of understanding what being a great museum means. Museum Archipelago has some great recent podcasts on new museums, museums undergoing transformation and other developments in the field.

The C-Word
Who knew conservators were so funny? Well, they’re British so that makes them adorable from the start.
Kloe Rumsey and Jenny Mathisson host this podcast that talks about all things from the perspective of conservation professionals. 

Queering Museums

A podcast series about the LGBTQ museum and gallery workers that are bringing queer stories to life in cultural spaces. Only 4 episodes so far, but lots of interesting stuff.

Museum People Podcast

Created by the New England Museum Association and hosted by Dan Yaeger and Marieke van Dam, this podcast celebrates individuals connected with the museum field by highlighting their work, passions, opinions, and personalities. It has a wide-range of subject matter that includes advocacy, current trends in the field and behind the scenes looks at New England museums.

Museum of Curiosity

The Museum of Curiosity is a comedy panel game on BBC Radio 4 that was first broadcast on 20 February 2008. It is hosted by John Lloyd (Professor of Ignorance at the University of Buckingham, and later at Southampton Solent University). He acts as the head of the (fictional) titular museum, while a panel of three guests typically a comedian, an author and an academic each donate to the museum an object that fascinates them. Not about a real museum, but fun nonetheless.


Want to learn about more museum related podcasts? Check out A Complete List of Museum Podcasts by Hannah Hethmon, which is a wonderful resource. 




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