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December 6, 2018
by Christina Ayson
Attending academic conferences as a doctoral student can be a daunting experience. Navigating the various codes of etiquette, the theory driven panels, and networking amongst senior faculty from elite institutions is intimidating. I have often left these conferences more tired than invigorated. WMA was different; I felt inspired, challenged, and integral to the progression of...
December 4, 2018
By Danielle Robbins
We are social creatures. The need to share and connect, to learn and grow because of each other is fundamental to our wellbeing. The act of fulfilling this need is what it means to inspire. To inspire is to influence, and though we can be inspired while alone, it is a circuit only half complete until we share with another in a meaningful way. It was this kind of sharing that...
November 6, 2018
At this year's annual meeting, we had the pleasure of hosting our Keynote Speaker, Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham. As the Co-founder and Creative Director of Museum Hue, an organization dedicated to the advancement of people of color through the arts, Stephanie utilizes museums and other cultural entities as a medium for discussions on power and privilege as it relates to the arts sector. Her...
November 6, 2018
Dear WMA 2018 Annual Meeting Volunteers,

On behalf of the Western Museums Association (WMA) Board of Directors, staff, and members, I want to thank you for your work as a volunteer at the WMA 2018 Annual Meeting in Tacoma. WMA’s Annual Meeting provides museum professionals an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, network with colleagues, and learn more about museums in the Western...
November 6, 2018
Marjorie Schwarzer is the receipient of this year's Leadership Award. She is the Administrative Director for the Museum Studies program at University of San Francisco.
I've been thinking about all the people—mentors, teachers, family, friends, colleagues upon whose shoulders I stand and of the people upon whose shoulders all you stand as well.  And of all the people who will come after us and...
October 12, 2018

The benefits of having a mentor can be invaluable to professionals at any career stage. Mentors can help with setting and achieving career goals, learning new skills, or offering a fresh perspective when you are facing challenges at work. Mentor relationships don’t exclusively benefit the mentee alone, however. Many mentors report feeling a sense of satisfaction from being able to help another...
September 29, 2018

Your personal brand communicates who you are as a professional and what you want to be known for. Defining your own personal brand is important for your growth as a professional, as it helps you take control over shaping and molding your own career trajectory. Establishing a personal brand is a great exercise for helping to give you clarity about your strengths as an employee and placing you on...
September 28, 2018

By Renee Montgomery
Recently, the international media reported that Colombian officials raided the Pablo Escobar Museum in Medellin, closing it down with a sign on door. Up to his 1993 death, drug lord Escobar and his Medellin cartel had supplied 80% of the U.S. cocaine market, making him the wealthiest criminal in history with a $30B estate. All totaled the Cartel was responsible for an...


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