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June 21, 2024

Over the course of four consecutive days at WMA’s 2024 Annual Meeting, headquartered at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, attendees will attend a fantastic lineup of engaging, informative sessions, and can participate in multifaceted learning opportunities including the perennially popular Poster Session, casual Roundtable Discussions, and hands-on Activity Stations.
Before the sessions...
June 11, 2024

Find Balance. Gain Momentum.
The Western Museums Association (WMA) warmly invites you to the 2024 Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona on September 25-28, produced in partnership with the Museum Association of Arizona and the Museum Trustee Association. With the theme of BALANCE, WMA 2024 will explore ideas of stability at both an individual and institutional level. Join us in Tucson to engage...
November 28, 2023
Written by Caroline Kinsley, Library Specialist, Arizona State Museum, and WMA 2023 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient
As a librarian and archivist, I never expected to work in a museum. But in 2022, I accepted a position in the Arizona State Museum in Tucson and started an exciting new chapter in my career. I was eager to learn more about the way that my work as a librarian and archivist could...
November 28, 2023
Written by Aubrey Feyrer, Collections Assistant, Tempe History Museum, and WMA 2023 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient
At the time of writing, it has been a little over a month since the conclusion of WMA 2023 held in Pasadena, California. October 2023 ended up being a very busy and special month for me professionally, and now that I have my grad school commitments under enough momentary control, I...
November 28, 2023
Written by June Pen, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, 2023 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient
I write this while there is a lot of uncertainty and grief in the world. It is hard to stay engaged across the various aspects of my life when things feel so overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like the easiest alternative is to go numb and withdraw from caring and from paying attention, but I...
November 28, 2023
Written by Allison Lambrecht, Registrar, Washington State Historical Society, and WMA 2023 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient
Attending WMA’s annual conference this year was an inspiring experience. It was my first museum conference as an employee of an actual museum and my second ever museum conference (I attended AAM’s annual conference in 2022 while I was still in grad school).
Since high...
November 28, 2023
Written by Makenzie Stewart, EMP, UW Graduate Student, and WMA 2023 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient
The Western Museum Association held its 2023 Annual Meeting in Pasadena this past October, and I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Wanda Chin Professional Development Scholarship to help fund my trip. As a young and anxious graduate student, this was my first ever professional conference, and...
November 28, 2023
Written by Dave Laubenthal, Creative Director at OMSI and WMA 2023 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient
It took three years, but I was finally able to attend my first WMA conference last month in Pasadena. I was originally a part of a session that was scheduled to present in 2020 and, well, we all know what happened that year and how it has forever changed so many of the ways we do the work we do....


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