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January 4, 2023

The New Year is a good time to reset. We all start over with fresh mindsets, new resolutions to keep, and a sense of excitement as we look ahead. But across the next 12 months, there can be challenges and stressors that follow right along.
To find relief and to build resilience towards stressors in your life, practicing self-care is vital and taking the time to create a self-care plan can make...
December 5, 2022
Written by 2022 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient Amy Chaloupka
The last large public event I attended the weekend before the pandemic shut everything down in March 2020 was a painting symposium in Portland. So, it felt right returning to PDX for WMA’s annual meeting in October—my first large professional gathering in over two years.
A bit apprehensive to be thrust into social scenarios for four...
December 2, 2022
Written by 2022 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient Jessica Hougen
This was the first conference I’ve been to since before the pandemic. The last one I went to was the California Association of Museums (CAM) in March 2020. That one was great, but weird. We all knew something was happening but we didn’t yet know the severity of the situation. It was business as usual, with plenty of hand sanitizer to...
December 2, 2022
Written by 2022 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient Ali Smurawa
I was near the tail-end of my first year as a full-time museum educator when I applied for the Wanda Chin scholarship. I knew that I wanted to (and needed to) attend a museum conference, but which one, and how? WMA’s theme Forward spoke to me, and as I sent off my application, I waited in anticipation for a reply. If awarded, then this...
December 2, 2022
Written by 2022 Wanda Chin Scholarship recipient Billie Jean Guerrero
I arrived in Portland to attend a conference sponsored by the Western Museums Association and the Oregon Museums Association.  It was my first-time visiting Portland and the first time attending the Western Museums conference.  Upon arrival and the weather being dark and overcast, I wasn’t able to venture out right away.  But,...
December 2, 2022
Written by 2022 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient Christopher Olsen
Arriving in Portland the day before the WMA Annual Conference, I was unsure what to expect from the three-day event.  I recently finished my Certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Washington a few months prior, and had been struggling for months to pivot from a 10 year career in early childhood education to one in...
December 2, 2022
Written by 2022 Wanda Chin Scholarship Recipient Hayley Noble
The 2022 WMA Annual Meeting in Portland was not the first meeting I attended, but it was the first in a leadership position. Previously, I attended the Boise meeting in 2019 as a part-time employee with the Idaho State Historical Society. Now in 2022, I am the Executive Director of a small historical society that runs a house museum in...
December 2, 2022
Written by 2022 Wanda Chin Scholarship recipient Keala Rusher
The opportunity to attend the Western Museums Association Annual Meeting as an emerging museum professional was incredibly valuable for all the ways the weekend reaffirmed that building strong and authentic relationships with community must be at the forefront of museum work. While building relationships with community is already...


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