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January 21, 2022

These days, working in a museum has never been so demanding. Professionals are taking on new responsibilities beyond their typical role due to staff layoffs, trying to find that sweet balance between work and homelife, having to learn and rely on various technologies, and are working to manage their mental health.
How do you succeed while working at home or in isolation? How do you tackle that...
December 20, 2021

This New Year, gift yourself some self-care.
We're almost at the two-year anniversary of COVID, and at this point, some might find indulging in self-care to just be futile. But during this time of year filled with back-to-back holidays and everything that comes along with them, sellf-care is essential. Our stress levels can be at an all-time high and focusing on your own wellness strategy can...
December 15, 2021

We’re thrilled to have Art Work Fine Art Services as a WMA sponsor!
The last thing museum professionals need to worry about is the safety and security of the artwork that is being transported, stored, or installed. As the trusted logistical partner of many institutions, Art Work Fine Art Services (FAS) promises to expertly take care of the handling so you can focus on everything else.
December 3, 2021

2021 has been a year unlike any other in history (excluding the previous one). Thinking back to this time last year, we can all truly appreciate the way museums across the US have responded to the ongoing crisis, pivoted to create digital offerings, and worked diligently to open their doors once more.
Like so many, the Western Museums Association (WMA) adjusted what was once our “normal”...
November 22, 2021

Throughout 2021, on nearly every Monday, we ended our WMA Weekly newsletter with a short, calming, fun, silly video that we like to call our "Moment of Zen." From footage of Zion National Park to a dog sledding down a snowy hill, these videos were shared as an offering of some peace and quiet, or a moment to simply smile and laugh – something that became all so important during these past two...
November 9, 2021

This holiday season fill your stockings and surround your trees with gifts from museums across the Western US!
As many museums across the United States still recover from extended closures, staff layoffs, and a decrease in attendance due to the ongoing pandemic, the revenue generated by museum stores is more important than ever before. Proceeds from museum stores financially support the missions...
September 3, 2021

Robin Marquis
Through a sequence of interviews, WMA’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Blog Series will examine the work of individuals across a variety of disciplines, seeking to broaden perspectives, inspire big-picture ideas, and share expertise on wide-ranging museum diversity and inclusion practices. To start off the D&I Blog Series, we interviewed Robin Marquis (they/them) – an...
August 25, 2021

Just like that, summer is coming to an end.
Across the country, school districts are starting the new school year in person amid the spread of the more transmissible delta variant. Concerned parents are living through yet another repeat of 2020, a time where entire families are even more exposed to the virus and student quarantines are now commonplace. Even though schools are working to keep...


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